How to Find the Perfect Chair Based on the Science of Ergonomics

March 15, 2019 | Lab Furniture

Understanding the science of Ergonomics plays a vital role in the success of laboratories or any workplace. Carefully planning and designing how lab space, equipment, furniture and users will all interact not only lead to increased productivity but also to bigger cost-savings. It offers a win-win case for both personnels and institutions as risk factors for user-discomfort or Muskuloskeletal Disorders are reduced, therefore promoting a safer workroom, leading to improved quality of work, and at the same time preventing unnecessary sick leaves.

When it comes to lab furniture, tables and chairs are quintessential. Knowing how to get the best of both makes way for lower instances of fatigue or repetitive strain injuries, therefore boosting user-efficiency and engagement. Shopping the right seats for your space while taking ergonomics into account is easy if you know what to look out for. Lab.Equipment came up with a short and helpful list below of what you should consider before getting that chair, stool, or specialty seating for your laboratory, controlled facility, industrial workroom, or office.

1. What types of activities or applications do you perform on a regular basis?

Do you spend hours on a single task or move from one to another? Thinking about the amount of flexibility you need or the range of motions your applications demand can help narrow down your seating options. If you work on highly repetitive tasks, you can go for lab chairs with backrest, arms, foot rings, and tilt features for better posture, blood circulation, and maximum comfort. For those who require freedom of movement, and hops from one table to another, check out lab stools that offer 360° all-around pneumatic height adjustment or stools with backs that can come with casters instead of glides. Browse extensive seating options for your lab by viewing Lab.Equipment’s range of eComseating Lab Seating available in thousands of configurations today.

2. How much space are you working with?

For spacious offices, retail shops, or educational institutions, you can opt for ergonomic office chairs featuring forward and backward seat tilts as well as adjustable arm rests that can be moved up and down, in and out, and twisted towards or away users. If you only have a pretty limited space and at the same time would need to accommodate a number of users, ensure user-comfort by getting office stools that can come with or without backs, with either casters or glides suitable for hard and even carpeted floors. Find what your facility exactly needs from Lab.Equipment’s eComseating Office Seating line. Choose from a wide selection of colors, sizes, seat and base materials, and more. 

3. What are your benchtop and user height requirements?

Before adding chairs to your cart, be sure to take into consideration the height of your workstations as well as users. An ergonomically designed chair should be able to fit most body types and workstations. Having seats that can be conveniently adjusted to the right height promotes easy reach as well as good working posture, thus leading to better user-performance. In need of desk height, medium bench, or high bench seats for your machine shops or industrial workroom? Discover the best-suited eComseating Industrial Seating for your facility by checking out our portfolio today.

4. Does your facility have special requirements?

Not all chairs are made the same and can be used equally anywhere as you will. If you are working on cleanrooms, make sure you shop for chairs constructed from materials that are certified for Class 100 standards and that have been thoroughly tested to fulfill Fed Std.209E and ISO 14644-1 requirements. Go through Lab.Equipment’s selection of eComseating products today and see a variety of Controlled Environment Seating options for your cleanrooms.

Implement a proactive Ergonomics process for your facility today. Check out all available chairs and seating configurations at Lab.Equipment to match your application and user requirements for increased worker efficiency!

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