Integra Viaflo 96/384 Pipettes

Lab.Equipment showcases advance liquid handling solutions for improved pipetting repeatability through the Integra VIAFLO 96/384 series. Cost-effective and easy-to-operate, the VIAFLO 96/384 series makes way for a single-step transfer of 96 and 384 samples.

The Integra VIAFLO 96/384 series offers 10 predefined pipetting modes including manual pipetting, reverse pipetting, and variable dispensing, best for meeting the most common liquid sampling and dispensing tasks in scientific laboratories, clinics, and research centers. With a capability of creating and storing up to 40 customized programs, the air-displacement Integra VIAFLO 96/384 series can meet requirements of more advanced pipetting routines.

Like all Integra pipettes, the space-saving VIAFLO 96/384 series proves user-convenience through its versatile touch wheel that allows fast menu navigation and parameter set-up, a vivid color screen for excellent data readout, and low-force tip attachment and tip-ejection, for troublefree operation for both left and right handed users.

Increase pipetting throughput with the Integra VIAFLO 96/384 series as it guarantees quick and precise plate-to-plate, reservoir to plate, and within plate pipetting. Compared to the Integra VIAFLO 96, the Integra VIAFLO 384 can work with both 96 and 384 channel heads.

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