2.8 Liter Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp from Ohaus

Ohaus 30400092



Compatible with:

  • SHHD1619AL Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD1619DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD2325AL Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD2325DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD4525DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD4550DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD6825DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHHD6850DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHEX1619DG Platform Shaker from Ohaus
  • SHRC0719DG Platform Shaker from Ohaus

  • OHAUS offers a range of shaker accessories to meet your specific sample requirements. A variety of platform options are available to hold irregular samples or traditional flask clamps and tube racks. Platforms can increase the amount of usable space for your samples, and in some cases can be stacked to increase throughput and double the sample capacity. Tube racks and dimpled mats securely hold tubes in place.


    Cell Cultures, Bacterial and Yeast Cultures, Immunoassays, Protein Studies, Blotting Techniques, Staining and Destaining Gels. Solubility Studies, Extraction Procedures, DNA, RNA, Hybridizations, Enzyme Reactions, ELISA Assays  


    All accessories include the hardware required to mount to shakers  


    Flask clamps are available in both stainless steel or PVC. All platforms are available in stainless steel. Rubber mat included with culture platforms, adjustable platforms and large vessel carriers.  


    Type: Flask Clamp

    Capacity: 2.8 L

    Material: Stainless Steel

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