A&D Electronic Pipettes from $455 MSRP to $149 with Free Shipping

August 28, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment offers double discount on MPA Series of Single Channel Electronic Pipettes starting today! From $455 MSRP, we are giving it away for only $399 with additional $250 discount plus free shipping using the promo code: ELECTRIC. Unlike other promos, the Electrifying Deal promo has no expiration date but with only 224 stocks available.

Electrifying MPA Pipettes

Electrifying Deal Promo Mechanics

  1. Choose from any of the discounted A&D MPA electronic pipettors here. Below is the breakdown of the stocks available.

    MPA-10 with 10uL max volume range – 5 units left

    MPA-20 with 20uL max volume range – 34 units left

    MPA-200 with 200uL max volume range – 59 units left

    MPA-1200 with 1,200 uL max volume range – 126 units left

  2. Enter the promo code “ELECTRIC” upon checkout to receive your additional $250 discount.

  3. Your order of MPA Series Single Channel Electronic Pipettor will be delivered to your shipping address at no additional cost.

Promo Offer: $306 Off A&D MPA Series of Single Channel Electronic Pipette

The A&D MPA Series of Single Channel Electronic Pipettors are designed for easier and more accurate liquid handling in biochemistry, neuroscience, and microbiology laboratories. The MPA Series features an Auto Mode for automatic, power-operated aspirating and dispensing that eliminates individual variability between users, Multi Dispensing Mode for convenient dispensing of an aspirated volume by multiple installments of a lower volume, Mixing Mode for quick execution of aspirating-dispensing cycles to mix samples in one press, Reverse Operation best for viscous, sticky samples, and a User CAL function for correcting any error caused by differences in tip characteristics.

Compared to other mechanical pipettes, the A&D electronic pipettes are constructed with improved repeatability, speed, comfort, and protection, making way for easier liquid handling and reliable pipetting results.

Get A&D MPA Series of Electronic Pipette for the price of a mechanical one at $149 only! Enjoy double lab savings with free shipping, too! No expiry date, so get your own before all stocks run out!

Grab Electrifying Deal Now!

About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

A&D Weighing is one of the most trusted names in the scientific industry when it comes to accurate and precise measurement instruments. In compliance with ISO:9001-2008 standards, A&D provides remarkable electronic balances, digital scales, weighing indicators, and load cells for a wide range of industries like research, food processing, jewellery, and industrial protection. 5-year warranty is also available on selected models. Browse all available A&D Weighing laboratory products on Lab.Equipment here.

Here is the list of participating products in Lab.Equipment’s Electrifying Deal promo:

Ads on Facebook, Google, and Twitter

The promo ad campaigns on Facebook and Google target Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list who are located in the US. Through specific audience targeting, Lab.Equipment is able to deliver promo ads to people who have been on the website or have shown interest in the products. By just clicking on the ad, targeted users are redirected to the promo page that contains complete information, mechanics, and list of discounted A&D MPA electronic pipettes.

Single Image and Carousel Ads on Facebook

Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Facebook Ads

On Facebook, the Electrifying Deal promo makes use of single image and carousel ad formats. These are scheduled to show on Facebook and Instagram news feed, Instant Articles, and Audience Networks at a definite time during weekdays. All graphics are optimized for different placements to support different web browsers and mobile devices.

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Gmail Ads

Gmail interactive ads are displayed in a more customized approach as these are seen at the top of the user’s email inbox tabs. If clicked, these ads open and show the full details about the promo with call-to-action buttons linked to the MPA electronic pipette product pages on Lab.Equipment.

Google Shopping Ads

Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads for Electrifying Deal promo make the searching process easier and faster. Lab professionals in the US can instantly see discounted A&D MPA electronic pipettes by just browsing through the Google Search Shopping tab.

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo GDN

Google Display animated ads for Electrifying Deal are produced in different sizes to appear perfectly on websites where past Lab.Equipment visitors are browsing through to remind them about the promo before it ends.

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Twitter

On Twitter, a promoted card was used to serve the Electrifying Deal promo to the targeted audiences until the units run out, the offer expires, or the user makes a purchase.

Promotional Email

Electrifying MPA Pipettes Email Design

Lab professionals who are part of Lab.Equipment’s email list are always the first ones to know about the new promo, access its landing page, and grab the $149 electronic pipette from A&D. Electrifying Deal promo e-blast guarantees mobile responsiveness to support various devices and email platforms.

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First time and recurring website visitors can quickly go to the promo page with the on-page merchandising creatives placed on frequently accessed parts of the website. For Electrifying Deal promo, the on-page merchandising creatives consist of the following:

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Hero Image

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Mega Menu Banner

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Sidebar Promo Banner on Product Category Pages

Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Sidebar Banner

Sidebar banners inside the Electronic Pipette, Manual Pipette, Multichannel Pipette, and Single Channel Pipette categories lead potential buyers to discover the promo and save a lot on their lab budget. A&D Weighing brand page has the sidebar banner as well to serve as another point of access to the promo page.

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promo Product Page Banner

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promotional Badge

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promotional Badge

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Electrifying MPA Pipettes Promotional Badge

Customers can conveniently compare the product being viewed and the Power Choice pipette from A&D using the Compare Recommendation button which triggers a pop-up window containing the significant product attributes of both items.

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