Anti-Draft Chamber for Microbalances from Radwag

Radwag WX-002-0047



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Additional anti-draft chamber is intended for microbalances MYA series. It is an optional equipment of microbalances working in unfavourable conditions (air-drafts and breeze).

It is mounted on a table, a microbalance is placed inside the chamber. It features sliding side windows allowing for free access into the weighing chamber of a microbalance.

Compatible with

  • MYA 4Y Microbalances
  • MYA 4Y.F Microbalances
  • MYA 4Y Microbalances
  • UYA 4Y Ultramicrobalances
  • UYA 4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
  • UYA 4Y.F Ultramicrobalances

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