Compact and Automated Cell Incubation

May 05, 2020 | Biotechnology

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To keep you updated on current Biotech industry news, Lab.Equipment has curated this article from GEN – Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News for you:

Incubation as a standardized laboratory process

A laboratory’s fundamental procedure is the process of incubation, with the objective of getting bio-chemical reactions regulated.

In the cell-incubation process – temperature, the atmosphere of gas and relative humidity need to be controlled. Human cell culturing demands a temperature accuracy of +/-37°C and a CO2 ratio between +/- 5 %. Cell cultures evolve in a nutrient solution, it is crucial to maintain the water content within the solution. In order to minimize water loss within the nutrient solution the relative humidity needs to be increased and maintained at a level towards the maximum degree of saturation.

All other environmental influences caused by light, draft, dust and aerosol particles need to be eliminated.

An Incubator addresses all the requirements within its enclosed, tempered, moistened and aerated chamber, where disposables carrying cell cultures in nutrient solutions can be stored. For manual process runs, Incubators have been established in the market for a long time and you can find lots of variants in terms of size and loading capacity.

However, in automated laboratories the only products currently available are targeted towards high-throughput applications from ~40 to several thousand Microwell plate positions.

Until recently, for automated cell experiments requiring a smaller amount of plates there was no suitab... You can read the full article in the GEN Blog.

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