CRISPR: A New Break in the GPCR Drug Development Pipeline

June 04, 2020 | Biotechnology

Lab.Equipment has curated a new article from the Bio Technology industry for you. This one is published by GEN – Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News:

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) remain one of the most pharmacologically successful drug targets, with 35% of all commercial drugs and 19% of newly approved drugs targeting this protein superfamily.1 Despite the continued importance of GPCRs and the large potential of CRISPR technology, the application of CRISPR within GPCR-based drug discovery has just scratched the surface. As of May 2020, over 11,400 publications are cited in PubMed associated with GPCRs, while only a mere 37 publications appear upon “GPCR and CRISPR” searches.

This article discusses the role CRIPSR technology has played in strengthening our understanding of GPCR biology, its transformative potential for all phases of GCPR-targeted drug development, and the drivers of successfully implementing CRISPR initiatives.

Advancing GPCR Biology & Drug Discovery

Over the last several decades new tools and technologies have significantly changed the way drug discovery is performed. Even with these advances, the development of new therapeutics remains risky with a greater than 90% estimated failure rate, requiring over a decade and a billion dollars to commercialize a single new drug.

In 2013 a new disruptive technology enabling simple yet precise gene editing called CRISPR-Cas was reported that has had far-reaching impacts from revolutionizing cell and gene therapy to an infusion of new discovery and drug development tools.

CRISPR’s ability to directly insert, delete, or introduce precise mutations in genes within physiologically relevant cell types provides immense opportunities to improve how we identify, qualify, and translate candidate drugs to the clinic.

Specifically, CRISPR can address high attrition rates and therapeutic development timelines by enabling improved understanding of normal and... Want to read more? Visit the GEN​ Blog.

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