Mettler Toledo ME-T Balances

ME-T Series comprises of analytical balances ranging from 52g to 220g weighing capacity and precision balances ranging from 120g to 5,200g weighing capacity. All models feature 4.5 inch color TFT touchscreen.

Lab.Equipment brings in an extensive selection of analytical and precision balances presented in Mettler Toledo's ME-T Series. Combining essential weighing capabilities and reliable measurement results, ME-T balances are created to be a vital and basic device for general laboratory operations. These balances are simple to use thanks to built-in intelligent applications and high-technology functions such as data transfer and upload with enhanced connectivity qualifications.

ME-T analytical and precision balances integrate overload protection to prolong balance longevity by avoiding accidental load overweight while its robust outer metal housing can withstand harsh environments. Each model exhibits an impressive, full-featured wide color display engineered to make your weighing tasks faster and easier. Embedded with 8 applications including statistics, checkweighing, totaling and formulation functions complete with easy-to-follow user guides, these balances are immediately ready for operations. Furthermore, its multiple interfaces can support your printer, barcode reader, and PC connections for traceable and improved data handling performance.

Mettler Toledo's ME-T Series balances utilize an Electromagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) weighing cell with Fully Automated Calibration Technology (FACT) for consistent measurement and automatic balance adjustment. With practicality and value for money taken into consideration, ME-T balances are perfect for day-to-day laboratory weighing!

Shop a range of Mettler Toledo ME-T lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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