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Ohaus lab centrifuges deliver consistency in high-speed separations and are applicable to a multitude of spin-down procedures performed in clinical, research, and industrial laboratories. Designed with practical multi-function capabilities and unmatched reliability, Ohaus centrifuges are equipped with numerous safety features such as a lid locking system and imbalance detection crucial in any lab operation. Ensure precision in results and simple yet high-performing functionalities with superior Ohaus centrifuges.

Lab.Equipment showcases a versatile selection of Ohaus centrifuges available in 4 collections of the Frontier 5000 Series, each consisting of varying capacities from low microliter to high throughput. Offered with a powerful yet quiet brushless motor, these centrifuges feature multiple acceleration and deceleration settings and memory profiles for guaranteed high-performance. Its intuitive construction and useful accessories also enable quick parameter settings, customizable controls, and excellent data management.

Find the best fitting Ohaus centrifuge for your application by browsing the products below.

Ohaus Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuges

The Frontier 5000 Multi Pro series includes refrigerated & non-refrigerated units with variable speeds ranging from 200 - 18,000 RPM.

Ohaus Frontier 5000 Series Multi Centrifuges

Frontier Multi Pro centrifuges come with a fixed angle rotor and offer speed ranging from 200 - 6000 RPM.

Ohaus Frontier 5000 Micro Centrifuges

The Frontier 5000 Micro series offers refrigerated & non-refrigerated units and can spin samples with speeds from 200 - 15,200 RPM.

Ohaus Frontier 5000 Series Mini Centrifuges

Frontier 5000 Mini centrifuges present a max capacity of 8 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml and max speed up to 6,000 RPM.

FC5306 Mini Centrifuge from Ohaus
191.00 143.25 143.25 USD
( 2 Ratings)
FC5706 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
1,990.00 1,791.00 1791.0 USD
( 2 Ratings)
FC5515 Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
2,655.00 2,256.75 2256.75 USD
FC5714 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
3,072.00 2,611.20 2611.2 USD
FC5718 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
4,464.00 3,794.40 3794.4 USD
FC5816 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
5,200.00 4,420.00 4420.0 USD
FC5515R 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
5,728.00 4,868.80 4868.8 USD
( 2 Ratings)
FC5718R 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
6,673.00 5,672.05 5672.05 USD
FC5816R 120V Benchtop Centrifuge from Ohaus
7,895.00 6,710.75 6710.75 USD
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