PSW Professional Weighing Table from Radwag

Radwag WX-001-0020

A professional weighing table is designed to cooperate with microbalances, analytical balances and it is sucessfully used as a stand for pipettes calibration. While designing the weighing table, Radwag paid special attention to ergonomic, quick and comfortable operation. The external structure of the professional weighing table contains a separate built-in anti-vibration table equipped with a stone top. The design ensures eliminating possible vibrations and significantly shortens stabilization time of a measuring process. The professional weighing table ensures unprecedented comfort and ergonomics of use.


The professional weighing table comprises two elements: a table with lockers, and an anti-vibration table with a stone top. The table comprises a base section, made in painted HPL technology, featuring two lockers and a sliding shelf for computer, mouse and keyboard installation. The weighing table provides area for uninterruptible placing of a power supply UPS or a power strip. The rear part of the countertop features a platform for placing a LCD display. The anti-vibration table is made of powder coated mild steel. The stone top is a granite plate with dimensions 410×270×115 mm. Total dimensions of the professional weighing table with a platform for a LCD display: 1100×750×1070


Weighing table may be equipped with:

  • Ambient Conditions Module;
  • PC computer;
  • PC Liquid extraction kit;
  • Automatic Pipettes with ""Pipettes"" PC Software;
  • Analytical Balances;
  • Microbalances.

  • Area of Use

    Main applications for the professional weighing table:

    • Pipettes calibration stand;
    • Laboratory stand for microbalances;
    • Laboratory stand for analytical balances.

    Compatible With

    • MYA 4Y Microbalances
    • MYA 4Y.F Microbalances
    • AS 3Y Analytical Balances
    • AS R2 Analytical Balances
    • AS X2 Analytical Balances
    • XA 4Y.F Analytical Balances
    • PS 3Y Presicion Balances
    • APM C32 Presicion Balances
    • XA 4Y Analytical Balances
    • XA 4Y.A Analytical Balances
    • APM C32 Analytical Balances

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