Rainin E4 XLS Plus Pipettes

E4 XLS Series of electronic pipettes ranges from 20µL to 1,200µL in 6-channel models and from 5µL to 1,200µL capacity in 8-channel models.

Lab.Equipment caters a complete collection of high-technology electronic pipettes from Rainin's E4 XLS Series. The full-featured pipettes make use of a modern graphical user interface capable of operating intuitively to reduce the user's tasks. Exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly, the joystick control enables convenient setting of operating modes for aspiration and discharge of a wide range of samples. E4 XLS models are also equipped with an RFID tag to enhance calibration and maintenance of your pipettes.

E4 XLS Series features an advanced color display interface to present operating modes, time, battery charge, tip volume and other pipette information and functionalities. These electronic pipettes allow users to store protocols in a nonvolatile memory for convenient and highly-reproducible performance. The protocols are also protected with a passcode for heightened storage security and may be retrieved even in cases of resetting or battery failures. All models are also capable of prolonging battery life with the help of display and sleep timeout modes activated after a specific period of inactivity.

With capabilities of aspirating, dispensing, and mixing speed adjustments, the E4 XLS pipettes accommodate various liquid samples including aqueous, viscous, foaming, delicate or shear-sensitive solutions. Additionally, each unit contains a GLP section for improved tracking of performance records and intervals. Experience revolutionary pipetting with high-performing E4 XLS pipettes available in single-channel, multichannel, and adjustable spacer options.

Shop a range of Rainin E4 XLS lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect pipetting instrument for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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