Small See-Through Container Improves Plant Micrografting

June 12, 2020 | Biology

Sourced by Lab.Equipment from Phys.Org, here is an interesting Bio industry article for you:

A type of plant grafting that requires a tremendous amount of precision and skill has now been made faster and easier thanks to a simple transparent container. Researchers at Nagoya University have developed a micrografting device that guides seedling growth and facilitates the grafting of the embryonic shoots of one plant onto the tiny stalks of another. The new device shows potential for facilitating research into plant signalling. The details were published in The Plant Journal. The concept can be expanded to crop grafting to develop more resilient crop varieties. The system has already been developed and applied in tomato grafting by GRA&GREEN Inc., a start-up venture company from Nagoya University.... More of this in the Phys.Org Blog.

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