StableTemp Ceramic Top Stirrer 10x10 from Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer EW-03406-31
Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Multiposition No
Min Speed (RPM) 50
Max Speed (RPM) 1500
Max Load Capacity (ml) 11339.8
Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L) 6
Plate Diameter (mm) 254
Plate Material Ceramic
Timer No
RS-232 No
Brushless DC motor No
CE approved Yes
CSA approved Yes

  Increased control precision and added safety features ensure accurate and repeatable results

  • Contoured display diverts liquid spills away from internal components

  • Optional splash guard (order separately) protects you and your sample from mishaps PTFE-coated stir bar and detachable power cord with plug (100 to 120 VAC models with US/Japan plug; 230 VAC models with plug for EU).


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Brushless DC motor: No
CE approved: Yes
CSA approved: Yes
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Timer: No
[Lab Stirrer] Max Load Capacity (ml): 11339.8
[Lab Stirrer] Max Speed (RPM): 1500
[Lab Stirrer] Max Stirring Quantity/Capacity (L): 6
[Lab Stirrer] Min Speed (RPM): 50
[Lab Stirrer] Multiposition: No
[Lab Stirrer] Plate Diameter (mm): 254
[Lab Stirrer] Plate Material: Ceramic
[Lab Stirrer] RS-232: No
[Lab Stirrer] USB: No

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