Hot Plate Stirrer

Lab.Equipment brings an advanced line of space-saving hotplate stirrers made for fast, safe, and reliable heating and mixing of solutions. Providing accuracy and precision, these hotplate stirrers make way for repeatability and consistent results in the lab. Whether in need of units to stir small to large volumes of samples for sample preparation or chemical reaction purposes, rely on Lab.Equipment to present an extensive inventory of hotplate stirrers ranging in prices, load capacities, speed capabilities, plate material, and more. 

Don’t waste time when it comes to finding the exact hotplate stirrer for your requirements. Improve your efficiency with our convenient filter that lets you narrow down options based on features you need. Choose if you need a hotplate stirrer with analog or digital controls, timer functions, RS232 and USB interfaces, brushless DC motor, and more. Be sure you are getting the right unit by using our Compare button first before you make a purchase, letting you see apples-to-apples comparison of multiple products at once. Furthermore, take advantage of our real-time live price matching for contract discounts, saving you a lot of your lab budget. 

HSMNHS4CAL Mini Hotplate Stirrer from Ohaus
$ 349.00 322.83 322.83 USD
( 2 Ratings)
HSMNST4CAL Mini Stirrer from Ohaus
$ 194.00 179.45 179.45 USD
HSMNHP4CAL Mini Hotplate Stirrer from Ohaus
$ 209.00 193.33 193.33 USD
HSMNAS4CAL Mini Stirrer from Ohaus
$249.00 230.33 230.33 USD
Hotplates 01HA from Crystal
226.71 226.71 USD
MS-H-S Hotplate Stirrer from Scilogex
$410.00 324.72 324.72 USD
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