The Membrane Protein Sortilin Can be Targeted to Inhibit Pancreatic Cancer Cell Invasion

June 11, 2020 | Histopathology

Freshly released on The American Journal of Pathology, Lab.Equipment has curated this new article for your everyday Pathology industry news fix:

Pancreatic cancer has a dismal prognosis and there is no targeted therapy against this malignancy. The neuronal membrane protein sortilin is emerging as a regulator of cancer cell development, but its expression and impact in pancreatic cancer is unknown. In this study, we found that sortilin expression was higher in pancreatic cell lines vs normal pancreatic ductal epithelial cells, as demonstrated by Western blot and mass spectrometry. The increased sortilin level in pancreatic cancer cells was confirmed by immunohistochemistry in a series of 99 human pancreatic adenocarcinomas vs 48 normal pancreatic tissues (p=0.0014).... Want to read more? Visit The American Journal of Pathology​ Blog.

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