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VistaLab Technologies pipettes are ingeniously designed to provide maximum user-comfort as well as exceptional accuracy and precision when doing tough pipetting tasks in scientific and research laboratories. Aside from helping prevent stress and strains caused by traditional pipetting, VistaLab pipettes offer color coded bodies for fast volume identification, nozzles containing filter to keep fluids from being contaminated, spring-loaded tip ejection for minimized thumb force, and more. Deliver exceptional liquid handling and get reproducible results with certified ISO 17025 compliant VistaLab pipettes.

Lab.Equipment brings in line a selection of manual and electronic VistaLab pipettes from the Ovation series. We carry single-channel ESC, E8, E12, Macro10, M, QS, and F2 models with capacity ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 ul. These VistaLab pipettes can dispense fixed or adjustable volumes. Meet various applications with our available electronic models that come with 5 pipetting modes including reverse pipetting, multi-dispensing, serial dilutions, mixing, and pipetting speed.

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Vistalab Ovation Pipettes

Ovation Series caters electronic pipettes in single and multichannel variations as well as manual pipettes capable of mechanical, quick set digital, and fixed volume calibration.

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