W3101A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris

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Readability (mg) 0.1
Capacity (g) 120
Repeatability (mg) 0.1
Pan Size (mm) 80
Internal Calibration Yes
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi No
Ethernet No
Display LCD
Mobile App No
Weight (kg) 6
Width DIM (mm) 216
Depth DIM (mm) 343
Height DIM (mm) 330.2

Having a wide range of options available when buying a 0.1mg readability Analytical Balance, Lab.Equipment is here to assist you in a trouble-free unit selection! The Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance may be perfect for your needs, if not, you will surely find the perfect lab balance unit for your protocols by reading our reviews, FAQs, and comparison of the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance to other Analytical Balances displayed below.

Lab.Equipment carries 8 analytical balances from Accuris, one of the recognized brands available in the market these days. We offer you true descriptions thoroughly written for you, giving apples-to-apples comparisons of analytical balance performance. Unlike every other single distributor presenting you fancy terminologies and hollow catchphrases, we cut through the noise for you. Let us help you save valuable time and ensure you acquire the best analytical balance for your needs.

How accurate and sensitive is the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance compared to other 0.1mg readability balances available?

With a readability of 0.1mg, the Accuris W3101A-120 can handle most simple weighing tasks within your lab. The Accuris W3101A-120 is part of the Accuris DX series suitable for applications such as laboratory testing and chemical analysis.

How precise is the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance in comparison with other 0.1mg readability balances?

The Accuris W3101A-120 offers 0.1mg repeatability. Often presented as standard deviation and critical to persistently producing the same results when the same weight is placed on the lab balance many times, repeatability is one factor that can prove accuracy and validity.

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You can simply fill out the "Instant Quote" tool at the top of the page and we'll email the quote straight to your inbox within 30 seconds. You'll never have to talk to high-pressure and pesky sales representatives. That's our guarantee.

How do you calibrate the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance?

You can prevent notable changes when it comes to measuring results. Experience hassle-free calibration of the Accuris W3101A-120 thanks to its Internal Calibration.

What size of samples can I weigh on a Accuris W3101A-120 with a 0.1mg readability range?

With an 80 mm maximum diameter pan size and a weighing capacity of 120g, the Accuris W3101A-120 smaller than most other analytical balances in-stock. If you need to weigh larger samples, then you should go for other models.

Are there other noteworthy features of the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance?

The Accuris W3101A-120 comes with an bright LCD display, easily recording measurements without the need to have the unit connected to a computer. It also features an RS232 interface for excellent data readout and USB port which you can connect to a printer.

Will the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance connect to your printer?

The Accuris W3101A-120 comes with a USB port, you are able to connect it to a printer. If you already have an RS232 printer, it will also work on the included RS232 port of the Accuris W3101A-120.

Can I connect the Accuris W3101A-120 Analytical Balance Precision Scale to my lab's network?

Unfortunately, the Accuris W3101A-120 does not have a built in Wi-Fi and it also lacks an ethernet port, so you are unable to connect it to your wired LAN.

A new addition to the Accuris line: Series Dx … a perfect balance of performance, design, and quality.

*Upgraded Weighing Performance:

Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) technology, fast response and stabilization, and automatic internal calibration.

*Refined Control Panel:

Enhanced graphical interfaces significantly improve ease of use.

*Space Saving:

A careful redesign of our weigh cell assemblies has allowed us to pack more technology into a compact, 8 x 15 inch footprint.

The Accuris Series Dx Analytical Balances are robust, workhorse instruments that utilize Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) technology. EFR is the gold standard for fast and reliable sub milligram mass determinations.

The waterproof and wear resistant front panel has been designed to hold up to spills and years of constant use.

A brightly lit, dot matrix graphical display clearly shows weighing results and also enables an intuitive menu system that’s easy to work with. Useful features such as dynamic animal weighing, piece counting, percentage weighing and more are quickly accessible.

The front feet of the Dx balances are adjustable for proper leveling of the on a stable surface, and a leveling bubble behind the weighing chamber confirms proper installation.

A Quik-Cal™ calibration system helps ensure that the balance is always calibrated and ready for use. Simply press the CAL button to perform an automatic calibration using the internal precision calibration weight. Auto calibration can also be set to occur at specific time intervals depending on user preference.  

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Depth DIM (mm): 343
Ethernet: No
Height DIM (mm): 330.2
Mobile App: No
Weight (kg): 6
Width DIM (mm): 216
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 120
[Lab Balance] Display: LCD
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: No
[Lab Balance] GMP: No
[Lab Balance] ISO: No
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: Yes
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 80
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 0.1
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 0.1
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: No

  • Customer Reviews on W3101A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
    Senior Medical Director

    Outstanding calibration and accuracy. I want my procedures to be highly organized and automatically done as much as possible that's why I'm so happy with this scale's quick-cal calibration system which auto-calibrates at specific times I set for it.

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