A&D GH Balances

GH Series of semi-micro analytical balances ranges from 101g to 250g weighing capacity. USB interface and LAN-Ethernet interface are available as options.

Lab.Equipment delivers high-performance precision weighing through A&D Weighing's GH series of semi-micro analytical balances. Offering resolution ranging from 0.01 mg to 101 g, developed with a motor-driven internal calibration for quick and accurate calibration when changes in ambient temperature is detected or when needed, and with multiple programmable or standard units of measurements available, the AND GH series provides not just proven accuracy and reliability but also unmatched efficiency.

The A&D Weighing GH series comes with a multitude of capabilities from its data memory function that allows weighing data with or without date and time, underhook function best for identifying density and weighing magnetic materials, auto re-zero function, to data management solutions including a quick USB interface, an ethernet interface, windows communication tools software, and standard RS-232C for trouble-free PC, printer, or other device communication.

Improve lab productivity with the A&D GH series that features easy-to-adjust response characteristics to meet effects of drafts and vibrations, an anti-static glass breeze for eliminating static electricity that may affect samples being worked on, counting and percent modes, and more.

Shop a range of A&D Weighing GH Series precision lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect semi-micro analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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