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Astell Scientific lab autoclaves are energy efficient, economical, and easy-to-operate, making these ideal for use in scientific laboratories, process manufacturing workrooms, veterinary clinics, universities, food and chemical industries, healthcare facilities, and hospitals. Robust, designed with an electropolished stainless steel chamber, and featuring adjustable time and temperature settings, Astell lab autoclaves guarantee high performance and efficient sanitation of various instruments. These autoclaves come with a range of safety features including over pressure and over temperature protection, thermally insulated doors that prevent possible surface temperature hazards to users, safety linked door mechanism, and more.

Lab.Equipment offers Astell 33-63 litre benchtop lab autoclaves built to effectively sterilize common lab equipment and supplies such as plasticware, glassware, petri dishes, media, and more. These frontloading Astell 33-63 lab autoclaves are plug-and-play units and guarantee low power and water consumption.

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Astell 33-63 Litre Benchtop Autoclaves

33-63 Litre Series caters manual water-fill models and integrated reservoir models. Each unit requires no plumbing and only a regular single phase power.

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