Evolve 3016 Pipette from Integra

Volume Range Min (uL) 20
Volume Range Max (uL) 200
Accuracy (%/uL) 0.70%
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 0.18
Autoclavable No
Volume Increment 0.1

Correctly measuring and transporting liquid samples depend on your manual pipette in use. Looking for the ideal one to meet requirements of your specific lab application can be a daunting task given countless manual pipettes purchasable in the market. Don’t stress yourself out as Lab.Equipment is going to make things a lot easier for you! The Integra 3016 might be the optimal solution for refining your laboratory operations and process, if not, you can surely find the perfect unit for your protocols based off our FAQ, review, and comparison of the 3016 to other pipettes so keep on scrolling below.

Lab.Equipment presents 877 pipettors from all 16 pipette manufacturer including Integra. With relevant information on these pipettes, expect to see true descriptions carefully written for you. We are not like any other distributor around as we would not just provide you a product catalog stuffed with the exact same buzzwords, jargons, and propriety terms a lot manufacturers give to confuse us hard-working lab staffs more. Let us help you cut through all the noise and not waste time as well as budget with real descriptions meticulously written to help you find the right Pipette for your lab application, whether it is with this Evolve 3016 or not.

Dispensing and transporting liquid samples are basic tasks performed in molecular biology, biochemistry, medical and scientific, and chemistry labs. If you need durable pipettors that can withstand daily laboratory use and are simple to maintain, you can opt for a manual pipette like the Integra Evolve 3016. Compared to electronic ones, a manual pipette is more economical and is best for use in lab applications that do not really have high pipetting requirements.

How much measured liquid solutions can you transfer and dispense with the manual 3016?

Rely on the manual Evolve 3016 to completely pass on liquid solutions from 20 - 200 uL volumes.

Do you need a PDF quote for the Integra 3016 Pipette?

We guarantee not to waste your time by playing phone tag with high pressure sales rep. To ask a PDF for the Integra 3016, just use the Instant Quote tool above and get a quote sent straight to your inbox in 30 seconds or less!

Compared to other manual single pipettes, how accurate is the 3016?

The Integra 3016 can reliably dispense and transport liquids with its 0.7 accuracy.

How precise is the Integra 3016 compared to other manual single pipettes?

Secure reproducibility of your pipetting tasks with the Manual Single 3016 that provides 0.18 repeatability.

Do you have any questions about the Integra 3016 Lab Pipette that we missed answering for you here?

Just inquire via live chat to the right, our Contact Us page, or email [email protected] and we will get back to you with a prompt and friendly response.

The EVOLVE manual pipette features three adjustable dials to rapidly set volumes. This revolutionary approach reduces repetitive stress injuries and allows users to set volumes in a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional manual pipette.

EVOLVE pipettes together with INTEGRA’swide range of GripTips form a perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection. GripTips never fall off and are perfectly aligned, ensuring the precise touch off of fluid resulting in superior pipetting performance.

Two unique plunger springs allow users to customize the plunger force to their preference. This option allows users to slow the aspiration and dispense speeds resulting in improved pipetting technique and results. The controlled plunger spring option is compatible with all single channel evolve pipettes except the 5 ml model. Changing the spring is completed in seconds. The ultra lightweight, well-balanced design of the pipettes provides unsurpassed ergonomics even during prolonged pipetting sessions.

Adjust volumes more than ten times faster

Unlike traditional pipettes which utilize a single rotating plunger to set volumes, EVOLVE features one dial for setting each of three volume digits. This is the same convenient method used to unlock three dial combination locks. This revolutionary approach allows users to set volumes more than ten times faster than standard manual pipettes. Simply depress and twist the plunger to release spring tension from the volume dials. This allows users to freely adjust all dials in either direction. Once set, twist and return the plunger to the up positon. Volumes set on traditional manual pipettes can often change while pipetting due to unintentional plunger turns. The EVOLVE Quick Set Dial design prevents inadvertent volume drift due to plunger movements while pipetting.

Do your pipette tips ever loosen, leak or fall off? This is a common issue in laboratories, caused by the use of universal pipette tips. Such tips require “hammering on” which distorts the shape of the pipette tip rim. The distorted pipette tip rim immediately starts moving back to its original shape, away from the tip cone. This can cause leaking, unaligned tips, and even pipette tips that completely fall off the pipette!

This will never happen with any EVOLVE pipette / GripTip combination. Featuring a low attachment force and a low ejection force; GripTips effortlessly snap onto the tip fittings and are easily ejected. Also, GripTipsfeature a high lateral resistance once attached to EVOLVE pipettes. This means GripTips are always firmly attached and perfectly aligned, regardless of how many side well touch offs are performed. You no longer have to hammer your pipette tips onor worry about pipette tips falling off!

Linear stand and shelf hook options

Storing pipettes upright is important to prevent liquid or debris from entering the tip fitting. Proper storage also extends the life of a pipette. The INTEGRA linear stand is ideal for hanging EVOLVE pipettes up off the lab bench. Up to twelve manual pipettes can be placed on a linear stand. EVOLVE shelf hooks are also available for proper storage.

Users can add up to four charging/communication stations to convert the linear stand into a charging option to charge any INTEGRA electronic pipette. A mains adaptor is also required to convert the linear stand into a charging stand.

Since 1965, Integra has been committed to addressing the pipetting and media preparation requirements of various organizations in research, medical, and quality control industries. Integra delivers high-precision, accurate and reproducible results with product offerings including manual and electronic pipettes, pipetting accessories, aspiration systems, peristaltic pumps, media preparation supplies, and microplate dispensers. Complete with sales channels in the USA, Canada, China, UK, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland plus more than 100 distribution partners worldwide, Integra is capable of developing and distributing exceptional quality, ergonomic instruments to any part of the globe.

Integra's high-functioning products available on Lab.Equipment are listed below:

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[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 0.70%
[Pipette] Autoclavable: No
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 0.18
[Pipette] Volume Increment: 0.1
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 200
[Pipette] Volume Range Min (uL): 20

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