Explorer EX125 Analytical Balance from Ohaus

Readability (mg) 0.01
Capacity (g) 120
Stabilization Time (sec) 8
Repeatability (mg) 0.015
Pan Size (mm) 80
Internal Calibration Yes
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi No
Ethernet Yes
Display Touch
Mobile App No

Exceptional Readability for High Accuracy Sample Measurements

Capable of identifying variations in mass with a 0.01 mg readability and introducing effective and user-oriented sample weighing, the Explorer EX125 Analytical Balance from Ohaus is ideal for pipette routine testing and chemical analysis applications to name a few. For tasks that call for a higher resolution balance, check out the XA 21.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag, another globally recognized brand.

Fundamental Precision for the Most Dependable Measurement Results

Uncomplicated recordingof weighing measurements becomes possible with the Ohaus EX125 balance thanks to its 0.015 mg repeatability, making sure of repeatable weighing results at all times. Obtain uniform laboratory results even with multi-users considered through the Ohaus EX125 or other 0.015 mg repeatability laboratory balances including the Explorer EX125D Analytical Balance from Ohaus. In need of a model with higher repeatability than the Ohaus EX125? Check out the MYA 0.8/3.4Y Microbalance from Radwag.

Straightforward Weighing From One Workstation to Another

Measure sample mass with conviction with the Ohaus EX125 structured to take in up to 120 g of samples with its 80 mm pan. Having a self-calibration feature, weighing accuracy and precision is secured because fast recalibration can be performed every time the analytical balance is transferred from the laboratory to the field. If you are dealing with higher capacities, go for the Explorer EX224 Analytical Balance from Ohaus.

Instrumental Features to Consider for Enhanced Weighing

Touchscreen icon Touchscreen Display

Reinforce work efficiency with the Ohaus EX125's touch screen display designed to help users view weighing results even in badly-lit rooms. Aside from that, you can maneuver from feature to feature in just a few taps.

Internal Calibration icon Internal Calibration

With an internal calibration feat, this Ohaus Explorer balance can account for changes in movement, time, and temperature, adapting accordingly to ensure precise readings.

ISO compliant icon ISO Compliant

The unit is ISO compliant, conforming to a high quality risk-based process management system as well as its print requirements. This assures the unit was constructed to observe strict measures on preventative maintenance, routine testing, calibration, and adjustment, helping achieve a more efficient workflow and meet user-requirements.

GMP Compliant icon GMP Compliant

Supporting GMP, the Explorer EX125 Analytical Balance from Ohaus prints out reports with complete traceability, including weighing results, operator details, and time for every transaction. This makes the unit a good find for manufacturing, processing, packaging industries and more.

GLP Compliant icon GLP Compliant

Facilitate various lab processes with the Ohaus 30139511 balance as it also generates reports following GLP format guidelinesin. This means printout includes time, date, scale ID, and other relevant details to monitor data by tracing activity history of your research.

Higher Operational Efficiency Right in the Bag

Optimize lab processes with the Explorer EX125 Analytical Balance from Ohaus that can capture weighing results in just 8 seconds. Geared with a USB port and an RS-232 interface, the unit lets you effortlessly connect with different devices to transfer acquired data. Not only that, operational efficiency is improved since the balance returns ISO, GLP, and GMP compliant reports, saving users' valuable time to focus on higher priority tasks instead of formatting these.

Balance Connectivity Covered From All Angles

Connectivity options available include an ethernet port for wired connections to your lab's networks.


Weighing, Percent Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Weighing, Dynamic/Animal Weighing, Filling, Totalization, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Density Determination, Peak Hold, Pipette Adjustment, SQC


Full-color VGA graphic display (5.7 in. diagonal), 4-wire resistive touch screen. QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad to quickly input GLP and GMP data and other application data


AC Adapter (Included)


Easy access communication ports including 2 units of USB port and RS232 and an optional fourth port of either RS232 or Ethernet. GLP/GMP Data Ouput with Real Time Clock. Data Transfer Function.


Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan,anti-static glass draftshield with flip-top door, replaceable in-use cover, automatic door as option models


AutoCal™ fully-automatic internal calibration system, fast stabilization time, four touchless sensors, built-in ionizer with automatic door models, up to 14 operating languages, OIML models available, SAVE to USB function, menu lock switch, security bracket, integral weigh below hook for below balance weighing applications, removable stainless steel weighing platform, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, auto standby.

  • A large color touchscreen gives access to the advanced application modes and icon-driven application software features such as user manager, library, and minimum weight indication.

  • Explorer features fast stabilization times, optimized linearity and repeatability specifications, enhanced vibration filtering as well as AutoCal™ calibration to ensure accuracy.

  • The draftshield provides easy entry to the weighing chamber through the flip or sliding top door and the top-mounted side doors which can be automatically controlled on /AD models.

Conducting its first operations in 1907, Ohaus is a leading provider of dependable balances and scales capable of addressing the most complex weighing challenges. Utilizing the latest technologies available, Ohaus delivers intuitive and highly-advanced analytical, precision, and portable balances, as well as a wide range of lab equipment and instruments. Ohaus manufactures the most precise and accurate lab balances catering to the laboratory, industrial, retail, food, and education industries. Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Ohaus is regarded as an undisputed leader in the laboratory equipment industry with unsurpassed performance in the global market.

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Ethernet: Yes
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 120
[Lab Balance] Display: Touch
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: Yes
[Lab Balance] GMP: Yes
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: Yes
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 80
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 0.01
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 0.015
[Lab Balance] Stabilization Time (sec): 8
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: No

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