Lab.Equipment presents a wide-ranging selection of microcentrifuges engineered to address demanding industry requirements of laboratory sectors associated with pharmaceutical, clinical, microbiology, biotechnology, chemistry, forensic, cannabis, food testing, petroleum, and veterinary. Execute crucial centrifugation procedures with ease and maximize efficiency in your laboratory using high-performing microcentrifuges offered by Lab.Equipment!

Choose the best suited microcentrifuge for your application by taking advantage of our practical and highly efficient product filters. Easily navigate through our complete selection of microcentrifuges when you input your desired speed and temperature capabilities, running time, and other product specifications. Compare products side-by-side to find the best suited equipment for your need amongst an assortment of great choices. Moreover, ensure that your chosen microcentrifuge is within budget by viewing real-time price comparisons from all the major brands and conducting live price matching for contract discounts.

Lab.Equipment's comprehensive line of microcentrifuges are manufactured by trusted industry brands including premium quality centrifugation technologies from Benchmark Scientific’s LC-8 series and PlateFuge series. While other options capable of general-purpose centrifugation come from EBA 200 series by Hettich and Microfuge 20 series by Beckman Coulter.

LC-8 MicroCentrifuge from Benchmark Scientific
$399.00 369.08 369.08 USD
MC-12 MicroCentrifuge from Benchmark Scientific
$1,179.00 1,090.58 1090.58 USD
Z207-M Microcentrifuge from Hermle
$2,595.00 2,400.38 2400.38 USD
Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge from Hermle
$2,722.10 2,517.94 2517.94 USD
Z216-MK Refrigerated Microcentrifuge from Hermle
$5,459.34 5,049.89 5049.89 USD
DM0412S MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
$490.00 316.80 316.8 USD
DM0412 MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
$845.00 669.24 669.24 USD
D2012 MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
$1,147.50 756.36 756.36 USD
DM1424 MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
$2,360.00 1,274.13 1274.13 USD
D3024 MicroCentrifuge from Scilogex
$2,190.00 1,626.08 1626.08 USD
EBA 270 Complete Package MicroCentrifuge from Hettich
1,663.88 1663.88 USD
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