Let the Savings Begin for the First 30 Lucky Shoppers of the Year

January 17, 2019 | Promotions

Kick off the new year big time with discounted MSRP plus free lab equipment from the leading American brand, Scilogex. Various offers on Scilogex lab equipment are applicable to this year’s first 30 customers and are valid until January 31, 2019 only.

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Let the Savings Begin Promo Mechanics

  1. View various promo offers at https://lab.equipment/scilogex-lab-equipment-promos-jan2019.

  2. Copy the promo code uniquely assigned to each product or offer located below the “Add to Cart” button in the product page.

  3. Add item/s to cart.

  4. Enter the promo code at checkout to avail your discount or free unit/s.

Promo Offer: Free Scilogex Bottletop Dispenser, Pipette Stand, Shaker Platform, Stirrer Stand or Dry Bath Block for Every Purchase of Select Discounted Scilogex Lab Equipment

Buy 4 Scilogex DispensMate-Plus Bottletop Dispensers at a Discounted Price and Get the 5th One for Free

DispensMate-Plus bottletop dispensers are fully autoclavable that come with 5 adapters to fit the popular reagent bottles. Bottletop dispensers with volume range 0.5 to 5 ml and 1 to 10 ml are at $206.07 (originally $235) while 2.5 to 25 ml and 5 to 50 ml are at $299.48 (originally $350). Purchase 4 of the same model and receive the 5th one for free!

Buy 5 Scilogex MicroPette Pipettors at a Discounted Price and Get a Free Scilogex Pipette Stand

MicroPette single-channel pipettes are designed for easy measurement and transportation of liquid samples with its lightweight built. Choose from variable volume available in 0.1 to 2.5 µL, 0.5 to 10 µL, 5 to 50 µL, 2 to 20 µL, 20 to 200 µL, 10 to 100 µL, and 100 to 1000 µL. A Scilogex linear pipette stand that can carry 6 pipettes comes at no cost for every purchase of 5 MicroPette pipettors of the same or different volume ranges.

Buy 5 Scilogex MicroPette Plus Pipettors at a Discounted Price and Get a Free Scilogex Pipette Stand

MicroPette Plus single-channel pipettes are autoclavable that ensures safe, hygienic, and sterile procedures in the lab. Choose from variable volume available in 0.1 to 2.5 µL, 0.5 to 10 µL, 1 to 5 µL, 2 to 20 µL, 5 to 50 µL, 10 to 100 µL, 20 to 200 µL, and 100 to 1000 µL. A combination of 5 any MicroPette Plus Pipettors of the same or different volumes comes with a free Scilogex linear pipette stand that can safely hold up to 6 pipettors.

Buy 1 Scilogex Lab Shaker at a Discounted Price and Get a Free Universal Platform

The promo applies to Scilogex SK-L180-Pro and SK-L330-Pro Linear Shakers as well as SK-O180-Pro and SK-O330-Pro Orbital Shakers. All participating lab shakers feature variable speed, digital controls on LCD display, and timer for precise shaking requirements and convenient data collection, management, and read out.

Buy 1 Scilogex Lab Stirrer at a Discounted Price and Get a Free Overhead Stirrer Stand

The freebie is given for every purchase of OS20-Pro or OS40-Pro overhead stirrer from Scilogex. Both Scilogex stirrers feature 50 to 2,200 RPM speed, digital controls on LCD display, and brushless DC motor recommended for mixing high viscosity solutions and oil mixtures as well as applications dealing with suspensions and emulsions.

Buy 1 Scilogex Dry Bath at a Discounted Price and Get a Free Block of Your Choice

From $500 MSRP, get the Scilogex HB120-S dry bath for only $396 that features LED display and temperature range of +5 to 120°C. Every single purchase of 1 HB120-S dry bath comes with a free Scilogex block of your choice: 54 holes for 0.2 mL tubes, 40 holes for 0.5 mL tubes, 40 holes for 1.5/2.0 mL tubes, 28 holes for 5/15 mL tubes, 8 holes for 50mL tubes, or 18 holes for 0.2 mL, 0.5 mL and 1.5/2 mL tubes.

Buy 2 Scilogex Levo Plus Pipette Fillers and Get a Free Levo Manual Pipette Filler

The Levo Plus pipette filler features LCD display and touch sensitive concave triggers for fine speed control and pipetting process. Take home an extra Levo manual pipette filler built with autoclavable silicone and comes with integral and replaceable 3 µm filter to prevent contamination inside of the Levo.

Buy 4 Levo Manual Pipette Fillers and Get the 5th One for Free

The Levo manual pipette filler is engineered for use with 1 to 100 mL serological pipettes that allows users to aspirate and dispense liquids for up to 50 mL per squeeze. Scilogex Levo manual pipette fillers are available in yellow, black, red, green, and pink.

Offers are applicable to Lab.Equipment’s first 30 shoppers of year, so hurry before you lose the chance to grab huge savings for your lab!

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About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Throughout the years, Scilogex has been known for the quality and excellence of its extensive range of benchtop equipment and liquid handling solutions including mixers, stirrers, shakers, centrifuges, and pipettes. All of Scilogex products at Lab.Equipment come with warranty, ISO 9001 certificate, and cTUVus certificate for UL and CSA. View all available Scilogex lab products here.

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Marketing Creatives

Promotional Email

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Through email marketing the Scilogex promo was launched and announced to every lab professional in the contact list of Lab.Equipment. The promotional email gives the users a teaser of the discounts and freebies offered to lead them to the promo landing page.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

Lab.Equipment visitors and customers can easily discover the Scilogex promo through the clickable banners tactically placed on specific pages of the website. All of the banners are anchored to the promo page for users to quickly view all the offers.

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage

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A hero image is added on the slider of the homepage that is located just below the main navigation. The purpose of this placement is to let users on the most visited page of the website to instantly see the promo and encourage them to check out the offers.

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On the side bar of Scilogex page and the product category pages related to the promo’s participating items have the promotional banner that directs users to the promo page. These category pages are Manual Pipettes, Lab Shakers, and Lab Stirrers.

Product Page Promo Banner

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A promo banner is placed at the top of the page of every participating Scilogex product to inform users about the limited-time offer.

Discount Badges

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A promotional badge is added on the upper right corner of every product image to showcase the freebie at a glance.

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