Ohaus Adventurer Balances

Adventurer Series Lab Balances have an easy to use full-colored VGA touchscreen, a readability of 0.1mg, and 9 available operating languages.

Lab.Equipment carries the superior Adventurer Series Balances manufactured by the trusted leading brand, Ohaus. Combining innovative features and functionality to simplify lab operations, the Adventurer balances are ideal for performing general laboratory weighing procedures. Choose from our range of Adventurer analytical balances available in various gram capacities, accommodating a wide range of laboratory weighing requirements.

Ohaus’ Adventurer Series guarantee speedy stabilization, consistent operation, and accurate weighing performance with its full-featured models. Each balance showcases a wide-view color touchscreen that allows convenient access to all applications and settings. Its advance dual USB ports have GLP/GMP tracking to boost the data monitoring and reporting function of the balance. Furthermore, the Adventurer Series offers quick-calibration with a press of a button to make lab work much easier to complete.

To ensure the durability and long-term use of your Adventurer analytical balances, Ohaus built all of its models with robust and easy-to-maintain metal base, stainless steel pans, and draftshield. These balances are capable of implementing 9 application modes including: weighing, parts counting, check weighing, display hold, totalization, formulation, percent weighing, and dynamic weighing.

Shop a range of Ohaus Adventurer lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at help@lab.equipment.

Adventurer AX422/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$994.00 919.45 919.45 USD
Adventurer AX2201/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,024.00 947.20 947.2 USD
Adventurer AX4201/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,185.00 1,096.13 1096.13 USD
Adventurer AX822/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,255.00 1,160.88 1160.88 USD
Adventurer AX622N/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,318.00 1,219.15 1219.15 USD
Adventurer AX8201/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,348.00 1,246.90 1246.9 USD
Adventurer AX8201N/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,401.00 1,295.93 1295.93 USD
Adventurer AX4201 Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,449.00 1,340.33 1340.33 USD
Adventurer AX622 Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,531.00 1,416.18 1416.18 USD
Adventurer AX1502/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,569.00 1,451.33 1451.33 USD
Adventurer AX8201 Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,617.00 1,495.73 1495.73 USD
Adventurer AX223/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
$1,622.00 1,500.35 1500.35 USD
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