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Sartorius lab balances are engineered with an advanced software for seamless weighing data collection and management. Sartorius balances are easy-to- program and customize according to application needs, providing maximum accuracy and user-convenience without complicating lab workflows. Presenting quick and clearly defined processes, these balances are recommended for meeting everyday weighing/measurement requirements of various research centers, educational institutions, and scientific facilities.

Lab.Equipment showcases an inventory of Sartorius lab balances from the Cubis series. We carry high-resolution Sartorius Cubis microbalances and precision scales with weighing capacities ranging from 1 gram to 70,200 grams. Find quality units built for exact mass determination of a variety of sample types -- from solids, liquids, paste, and even powdered samples. Available units offer quick stabilization and response time, making way for accurate weigh-measurements and display.

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