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Shimadzu lab balances are powerfully engineered with the next-generation UniBloc mass sensor technology, making these one of the toughest, most precise, and most reliable weighing lab balances in the market today. Offering durable construction, loading stability, accurate mass measurement, and long-operational life, these Shimadzu lab balances are capable of handling a wide range of basic and advance weighing applications. Equipped with valuable weighing functions for piece counting, checkweighing, percentage weighing, below weigh hook measurement, unit conversion, gravity measurement, and animal weighing to name a few, Shimadzu lab balances can meet weighing requirements of multiple industries including medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, food, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Lab.Equipment brings in line a collection of Shimadzu lab balances innovatively developed to accommodate a range of weighing protocols. We carry Shimadzu analytical balances from the AUW, AUX, AUY, ATX, ATY, and AUW-D series and Shimadzu precision scales from the BW-K, ELB, TWB, TX, TXB, UW, and UX series -- all feature-packed and built to provide high resolution, high-accuracy, fast stabilization and response time, as well as consistent weighing/measurement process and reproducible results.

Find the perfect Shimadzu lab balance for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Shimadzu ATX Balances

ATX Series accommodates weighing capacities ranging from 82g up to 320g. All models feature touch-key calibration and are capable of internal calibration.

Shimadzu ATY Balances

ATY Series is ideal for measuring 62g up to 320g weighing capacities.

Shimadzu AUW Balances

AUW Series is capable of measuring loads weighing 120g up to 320g. All AUW models are supplied with a display backlight to enable easy viewing and operation under any lighting condition.

Shimadzu AUW-D Balances

AUW-D Series is dual range balances capable of supporting 220g/82g and 120g/42g measurement capabilities. All models enable weighing range adjustment to accommodate assessing of semi-micro to large weight capacities.

Shimadzu AUX Balances

AUX Series is offered in models that support 120g, 220g, and 320g measurement capacities.

Shimadzu AUY Balances

AUY Series comes in two models capable of performing 120g and 220g weighing.

Shimadzu BW-K Balances

BW-K Series of high-precision platform balances ranges from 12kg to 52kg weighing capacities. All models feature built-in one-lever calibration weights to make lab work faster to complete.

Shimadzu ELB Balances

ELB Series of portable balances ranges from 120g up to 6000g weighing capabilities. All models guarantee fast read-out and superior stability with its one-second response feature.

Shimadzu TW Balances

TW Series enables measurement of loads with weight ranging from 220g to 420g. All models feature battery drive capability that allows operations in places with no power supply.

Shimadzu TX Balances

TX Series accommodates weighing operations of 220g to 4,200g measurements. Equipped with a large weighing pan, TX balances are capable of completing a wide range of applications and can measure small to large objects.

Shimadzu TXB Balances

TXB Series enables measurement of extensive capacities ranging from 220g until 620g. All models can be powered by either an AC adapter or batteries for uninterrupted usage anywhere.

Shimadzu UW Balances

UW Series carries models that support 220g up to 8200g weighing measurements. All models feature built-in calibration weight and automatic calibration functions.

Shimadzu UX Balances

UX Series is the accommodates weighing capacities of 220g up to 8200g.

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