Accuris Analytical Balances

Analytical Balance series presents two capacity ranges for weighing samples: 120g or 210g both with a 0.0001g readability.

Lab.Equipment offers the Accuris Analytical Balance series engineered with an advanced electromagnetic sensor technology for highly precise sample weight determinations. The series comes with a readability of 0.0001g as well as two capacity ranges allowing users to weigh up to 120 g or 210 g of samples.

Accuris W3100 balances guarantee convenient weighing as it can quickly tare and stabilize for immediate readings, features an optional "Quick-Cal" internal calibration that allows the units to be calibrated even without the use of a calibration standard weight, and a very accessible weighing pan protected by a glass draft shield to minimize possible effects of air currents. Like most Accuris balances, the W3100 analytical balance series is also built with various mode options including count mode, basic weighing in different units, and percent deviation determination to meet wide application requirements.

Shop a selection of Accuris Analytical Balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any asisstance in finding the perfect Accuris lab balances for your specific application, don't hesitate to message us at [email protected].

W3100-210 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,030.00 1,725.50 1725.5 USD
W3100-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
1,750.00 1,487.50 1487.5 USD
W3100A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
1,857.00 1,578.45 1578.45 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3100A-210 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,150.00 1,827.50 1827.5 USD
( 2 Ratings)
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