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Accuris lab balances are expertly designed to provide accurate and precise readings for reliable weighing results. Compact in size but big in features, these analytical balances and precision scales feature advanced weighing technology for faster stabilization time, multiple programming options, and a user-friendly interface -- recommended to meet requirements of labs working not only on general weighing tasks but also on complex analytical measurement applications.

Lab.Equipment presents a portfolio of Accuris analytical balances and precision scales with readabilities ranging from 0.1mg to 100mg as well as max capacities from 120g to 1000g. Engineered to operate using Variable Capacitance Technology or Electromagnetic Force Restoration Technology, Accuris' Compact and Precision series of balances make way for high repeatability. These top loading balances are guaranteed easy-to-calibrate, comes with RS232 interface for better data transfer and management, and are ideal to accommodate basic weighing needs of academic and research laboratories.

Discover the right Accuris lab balance for your specific application by clicking on the product below.

Accuris Precision Balances

Precision Balance series can accommodate samples with max capacities ranging from 120g to 5000g with 0.001g or 0.01g readability.

Accuris Compact Balances

The Compact Balance series comes with max capacities ranging from 120g to 10,000g and a 0.1g or 0.01g readability.

Accuris Analytical Balances

Analytical Balance series presents two capacity ranges for weighing samples: 120g or 210g both with a 0.0001g readability.

W3300-500 Precision Scale from Accuris
289.00 245.65 245.65 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3100-210 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,030.00 1,725.50 1725.5 USD
W3300-120 Precision Scale from Accuris
263.00 223.55 223.55 USD
W3300-300 Precision Scale from Accuris
305.00 259.25 259.25 USD
W3300-1200 Precision Scale from Accuris
340.00 289.00 289.0 USD
W3300-5K Precision Scale from Accuris
340.00 289.00 289.0 USD
W3300-10K Precision Scale from Accuris
456.00 387.60 387.6 USD
( 2 Ratings)
W3200-120 Precision Scale from Accuris
950.00 807.50 807.5 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3200-1200 Precision Scale from Accuris
950.00 807.50 807.5 USD
W3200-320 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,013.00 861.05 861.05 USD
W3200-3200 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,015.00 862.75 862.75 USD
( 2 Ratings)
W3200-500 Precision Scale from Accuris
1,175.00 998.75 998.75 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3200-5K Precision Scale from Accuris
1,400.00 1,190.00 1190.0 USD
W3100-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
1,750.00 1,487.50 1487.5 USD
W3101A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
1,800.00 1,530.00 1530.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3100A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
1,857.00 1,578.45 1578.45 USD
( 1 Ratings)
W3101A-220 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,085.00 1,772.25 1772.25 USD
W3100A-210 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,150.00 1,827.50 1827.5 USD
( 2 Ratings)
W3102A-220 Analytical Balance from Accuris
2,435.00 2,069.75 2069.75 USD
W3002A-120 Analytical Balance from Accuris
3,175.00 2,698.75 2698.75 USD
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