BioClave 16 Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific

Ethernet No
Chamber Volume (L) 16
RS-232 No

Searching for the most useful autoclave to sterilize pharmaceutical items, clinical equipment and supplies, liquid and solid samples, and multiple lab instruments can be tedious considering the comprehensive inventory of available products in the market. No need to put in much time picking the right autoclave unit as Lab.Equipment is here to lead you in getting the most suitable one for your laboratory. The Benchmark Scientific BioClave B4000-16 autoclave can give reliable cleaning and sterilization for your particular application but if not, you can check out the best unit to obtain your expected throughput based off our review, FAQ, and comparison of the B4000-16 to other autoclaves available so keep on reading below.

Unlike any other supplier around, Lab.Equipment would not just give you a catalog made with the same terminologies and buzzwords that a number of manufacturers present to puzzle us persevering lab staffs even more. Providing 60 autoclaves from all 8 popular manufacturers like Benchmark Scientific, trust us to have vast familiarity on these instruments. We can help you acquire the best fit autoclave for your specific application with real and meticulously written descriptions, whether it is with this Benchmark Scientific BioClave BioClave 16 or not.

How much volume can the chamber of the B4000-16 autoclave accommodate compared to other autoclaves available?

The bioclave autoclave features a 16L sterilization chamber recommended for efficient and safe decontamination of instruments and samples in your lab.

What is the heating power capability of the bioclave B4000-16 as opposed to other autoclaves in the market?

The B4000-16 offers a 1.6kw heating power and offers cost-effective, safe, and time-saving sterilization.

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Other key features of the Benchmark Scientific BioClave BioClave 16 Autoclave:


The versatile BioClave 16 from Benchmark Scientific is not built with a touchscreen control system.


The BioClave 16 cannot be connected to the internet or a wifi network since it does not have a built-in ethernet port but it offers an RS232 PC connection port for easy remote maintenance and software updates.

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Despite the space-saving exterior dimensions of the Bioclaves, the stainless steel chambers are surprisingly large, accommodating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware and other common research laboratory items. Both of these benchtop models include a mechanical and electrical safety interlock that prevents the door from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI. Wit ah large digital display and fully automatic operation, all segments of the cycle (fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry) commence and run to completion by simply pressing the start button. An optional thermal mini-printer is also available for providing a record of sterilization parameters and a USB drive can be used to record settings and transfer them to a PC.

The 16 liter BioClave offers preset cycle options (standard programs), for use with liquids, wrapped research instruments or unwrapped instruments/plasticware. An additional option "Dry Only" is also available for additional drying time to be added to the end of a cycle. For special applications, requiring variations in cycle parameters,all settings on the BioClave 16 are fully adjustable.

  • Designed specifically for non-medical research use

  • Fully automatic; just press start

  • Extremely compact

  • Built in water tank, does not require an external water supply

Headquartered in Sayerville, NJ, Benchmark Scientific is a well-known provider of high quality and economical lab equipment ranging from benchtop centrifuges, incubators, thermal cyclers, autoclaves, vortex mixers, and homogenizers to name a few. With innovative solutions engineered to boost not just lab efficiency and safety but also results, Benchmark Scientific makes way for improved productivity of various life science research centers, molecular laboratories, clinical facilities, and universities.

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Automation: Automatic
Ethernet: No
Heating Power (kw): 1.6
Printer: No
Touchscreen: No
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Volume (L): 16
[Lab Autoclave] RS-232: No

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