Benchmark BioClave

Bio-Clave Series ranges from 8L to 16L featuring built-in water tank for greater convenience.

Lab.Equipment supplies the highly-efficient BioClave Series manufactured by the trusted brand, Benchmark Scientific. These autoclaves are designed specifically for research applications to expertly accommodate a wide range of solutions, media, instruments, plasticware, glassware, and similar laboratory supplies. Despite numerous features and a wide-ranging functionality, BioClave Series models are compact and space-saving making it suitable for any laboratory setting.

The BioClave Series offers a large digital display with fully automatic operations for initiating autoclaving processes such as filling, sterilizing, exhausting and drying at a single press of the Start button. Additionally, the BioClave series comes with a USB port for easier data transfer to a computer or printer, as well as secured cycle data storage. These autoclaves also showcase a mechanical and electrical safety interlock that ensure full and correct closure of the autoclave door during operation. Furthermore, BioClave models are equipped with a built-in water tank that does not require external water supply integration for quick and productive autoclaving completion.

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BioClave Mini Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
3,859.00 3,280.15 3280.15 USD
BioClave 16 Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
5,295.00 4,500.75 4500.75 USD
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