Headquartered in Sayerville, NJ, Benchmark Scientific is a well-known provider of high quality and economical lab equipment ranging from benchtop centrifuges, incubators, thermal cyclers, autoclaves, vortex mixers, and homogenizers to name a few. With innovative solutions engineered to boost not just lab efficiency and safety but also results, Benchmark Scientific makes way for improved productivity of various life science research centers, molecular laboratories, clinical facilities, and universities.

Explore Benchmark Scientific's available product lines on Lab.Equipment below: 

BSH5001 myBlock I Dry Bath from Benchmark Scientific
439.95 373.96 373.96 USD
( 1 Ratings)
BSH5002 myBlock II Dry Bath from Benchmark Scientific
550.00 467.50 467.5 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MC-24 Touch Microcentrifuge from Benchmark Scientific
2,115.00 1,797.95 1797.95 USD
( 1 Ratings)
H1001-M Incu-Shaker Mini Shaking Incubator from Benchmark Scientific
2,999.00 2,549.15 2549.15 USD
( 1 Ratings)
H2010 Incu-Shaker 10L Shaker from Benchmark Scientific
6,115.00 5,197.75 5197.75 USD
( 1 Ratings)
H1012 Incu-Shaker Shaking Incubator from Benchmark Scientific
8,235.00 6,999.75 6999.75 USD
( 2 Ratings)
BV1005 Mortexer Vortex Mixer from Benchmark Scientific
284.00 241.40 241.4 USD
( 1 Ratings)
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