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Scilogex stirrers are built to offer reliable mixing for everyday lab work, basic experiments, research development work, and quality assurance tasks. Made from top quality materials and complete with an array of functionalities best for chemical, biological, and analytical labs, these Scilogex lab stirrers guarantee unparalleled spinning performance, capable of accommodating a range of viscous and non-viscous liquids.

Lab.Equipment delivers a great selection of Scilogex lab stirrers including magnetic stirrers and overhead stirrers suitable to handle various sample types and solubilities. Choose from analog and digital units that present mixing speeds ranging from 5RPM up to 2200 RPM and stirrer models that come with ceramic or stainless steel plate material. Whether looking for Scilogex lab stirrers that can operate with a working temperature ranging from 5°C to 550°C or units that can release heat output up to 1000W, carry out stirring with max torque of 60Ncm, and handle substances with max viscosity up to 50,000mPas, you can rely on Lab.Equipment to provide what you exactly need.

Get the right Scilogex lab stirrer for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

OS40-Pro LCD Digital Overhead Stirrer from Scilogex
1,250.00 1,000.00 1000.0 USD
( 2 Ratings)
EcoStir Magnetic Stirrer from Scilogex
95.00 76.00 76.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
FlatSpin Stirrer from Scilogex
185.00 148.00 148.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MS-PB Magnetic Stirrer from Scilogex
190.00 152.00 152.0 USD
MS-PA Magnetic Stirrer from Scilogex
195.00 156.00 156.0 USD
MS-S Magnetic Stirrer from Scilogex
350.00 280.00 280.0 USD
MS-H-S Hotplate Stirrer from Scilogex
410.00 328.00 328.0 USD
MS-H380-Pro LCD Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer from Scilogex
415.00 332.00 332.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MS7-S Magnetic Stirrer from Scilogex
430.00 344.00 344.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MS-H-Pro Plus Hotplate Stirrer from Scilogex
670.00 536.00 536.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MS7-H550-Pro Hotplate Stirrer from Scilogex
725.00 580.00 580.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
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