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Troemner shakers are built with precision and accuracy in mind. Engineered with powerful shaking capabilities, speed ramping, overload protection features, and a variety of calibration modes as well as user-programmable operations, these lab shakers present not just efficiency but most importantly consistent and reliable results. Designed to be used with interchangeable blocks, Troemner shakers can accommodate an assortment of tubes and microplates, making these ideal for many applications.

Lab.Equipment showcases a collection of Troemner shakers that come with either orbital, reciprocating, rocking, or waving motions. Find incubating shakers with NIST traceable certificate, thermal shakers that guarantee dependable temperature settings throughout operation, orbital shakers best for heavy duty loads, high speed microplate shakers for complex applications, and more. We carry Troemner variable speed shakers with max capacities ranging from 5 - 150 lbs as well as max speed ranging from 30 - 3000 RPM.

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Cooling Thermal Shaker Touch 120V from Troemner
4,217.85 1,078.13 1078.13 USD
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