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Benchmark Scientific lab autoclaves are completely automatic, capable of filling, sterilizing, exhausting, and drying a wide selection of lab items with just a press of a start button. Small in footprint and designed for use in non-medical research, Benchmark Scientific autoclaves offer spacious stainless steel chambers that can accommodate a range of lab glassware, plasticware, solutions, media, instruments, and more.

Lab.Equipment showcases Benchmark Scientific autoclaves from the BioClave series including the BioClave Mini and BioClave 16. Preprogrammed to carry out standard sterilization protocols, featuring a USB drive for hassle-free recording and transfer of data from unit to PC, and complete with safety interlocks to ensure door is tightly shut during operation, our available Benchmark Scientific autoclaves are suitable for basic sterilization tasks performed by scientific laboratories and universities. With fully adjustable settings including sterilization time plus a built-in water tank eliminating the need for an external water supply, Benchmark Scientific lab autoclaves guarantee versatility and user-convenience.

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Benchmark BioClave

Bio-Clave Series ranges from 8L to 16L featuring built-in water tank for greater convenience.

BioClave Mini Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
3,999.00 3,399.15 3399.15 USD
BioClave 16 Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
5,559.00 4,725.15 4725.15 USD
BioClave 28 Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
9,995.00 8,495.75 8495.75 USD
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