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Benchmark Scientific laboratory mixers are engineered to deliver precise operating speeds and customizable tilt angles to accommodate mixing tasks in molecular and biological laboratories. Designed to process multiple samples simultaneously, these Benchmark lab mixers can hold an assortment of sample containers and can meet high-throughput applications. Accuracy in performance is ensured as units come with powerful and maintenance-free brushless motors.

Lab.Equipment carries a complete selection of Benchmark mixers including vortex mixers, 3D lab rockers, see-saw rockers, and tube rotators. Manufactured for maximum durability and prolonged operational life, these lab mixers can operate flawlessly even under extreme conditions and are recommended for blot washing, gel staining/destaining, protein binding, nucleic acid purification, and hybridization procedures. Reproducible results are guaranteed as these mixers offer vigorous and consistent mixing actions. Choose from analog or digital models capable of providing fixed or variable speeds.

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BV1005 Mortexer Vortex Mixer from Benchmark Scientific
284.00 241.40 241.4 USD
( 1 Ratings)
M2100 TubeRocker from Benchmark Scientific
349.00 296.65 296.65 USD
R2020 Roto-Mini Rotator from Benchmark Scientific
359.00 305.15 305.15 USD
B3D1020 Mini BioMixer from Benchmark Scientific
399.00 339.15 339.15 USD
B3D1320 BioMixer from Benchmark Scientific
485.00 412.25 412.25 USD
B3D1308 BlotBoy Mixer from Benchmark Scientific
485.00 412.25 412.25 USD
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