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Lab.Equipment showcases a sophisticated range of 3D gyratory rockers perfect for catering to precise and thorough mixing applications. Complete with adjustable speeds and angles, these gyratory rockers are ideal for use in a range of molecular and biological procedures. Expertly combine samples together by employing gentle rocking motions performed at strategic angles. Browse through our complete selection of 3D gyratory rockers for reliable and effective sample mixing actions.

Easily find the rocker for you by making use of our practical product filter tool. Simply input your desired criteria such as volume capacities, control type, operational temperatures, shaking power, and even features like timer, screen type, motor, and more. Decide between models by utilizing our Compare button to view a unit’s specifications side-by-side with similar models. Lab.Equipment makes sure that your time and money is not wasted. With our price filter tool, you can ensure that your ideal equipment does not go beyond budget.

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