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Lab.Equipment carries a good selection of laboratory thermal mixers offering consistent and efficient heating, cooling, and shaking. Capable of handling a range of samples and sample viscosities for applications including enzymatic reactions, cell culture, and more, these thermal mixers are highly recommended for life sciences, chemical, and analytical laboratories. If you are looking for units that can provide precise speed and temperature control as well as accuracy and repeatability, count on Lab.Equipment to present you with basic and advanced models to meet all your application requirements.

For quicker unit selection, you can use our thermal mixer finder tool to easily set your preferred model parameters including mixing speeds, operating temperature, and screen display options. If you want to simultaneously evaluate features of multiple thermal shakers, make the most of our efficient Compare button. Also, don’t forget to check out our real time price comparisons with other popular vendors and take advantage of our live price matching functionality to get the best deals. 

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