Vortex Mixer

Find the perfect vortex mixer to suit your requirements with our easy-to-use vortex mixer finder below.

Lab.Equipment brings in a versatile line of vortex mixers capable of delivering improved precision and control over your mixing applications. Designed to simultaneously process several samples at a time, these vortex mixers can accommodate test tubes, vials, microplates and other sample containers. Explore Lab.Equipment's complete selection of vortex mixers, each one created to address your specific mixing needs.

Quickly browse through Lab.Equipment’s collection of vortex mixers with our easy-to-use product filter tool. Narrow down your prospective choices by setting parameters such as speed capabilities, USB interface and screen display. Opt to go for a variant with timer or a brushless DC motor depending on your application requirements. View specifications side-by-side for a true apples-to-apples comparison and easily decide among several outstanding models. To make sure you stay within budget, you can also see real-time price listings from major brands at the right hand side of the Lab.Equipment site.

VXMNFS Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
280.00 277.20 277.2 USD
VXMNAL Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
319.00 315.81 315.81 USD
( 2 Ratings)
VXMNDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
409.00 404.91 404.91 USD
VXMPAL Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
443.00 438.57 438.57 USD
VXMNPS Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
498.00 493.02 493.02 USD
VXMPDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
515.00 509.85 509.85 USD
VXHDAL Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
950.00 949.41 949.41 USD
VXHDDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
1,105.00 1,093.95 1093.95 USD
VXMTAL Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
2,900.00 2,787.84 2787.84 USD
VXMTDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus
3,400.00 3,366.00 3366.0 USD
MX-F Vortex Mixer from Scilogex
170.00 134.64 134.64 USD
MX-S Vortex Mixer from Scilogex
222.00 175.82 175.82 USD
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