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Lab.Equipment presents an expanding selection of Tube Rotator mixers useful for keeping a range of biological samples in suspension and for thorough mixing of solutions executed by turning sample tubes end over end. Our collection of tube rotator mixers include high-capacity models offered in different volume capacities and with angles that can be easily adjusted depending on your application demands.

Simplify your search by making use of our product filter tool. Input parameters like mixing movements, temperature range, speed capacities, and platform size to quickly determine the products that suits your criteria. Easily choose among models by viewing specifications and comparing several units side-by-side through our Compare button. To find more economical options, utilize our product filter tool and only search within prices favorable to you. Lab.Equipment also lessens the work for you by providing real time prices from all the major brands.

975.00 780.00 780.0 USD
1,145.00 916.00 916.0 USD
359.00 305.15 305.15 USD
425.00 361.25 361.25 USD
559.00 475.15 475.15 USD
855.00 726.75 726.75 USD
869.00 738.65 738.65 USD
979.00 832.15 832.15 USD
1,299.00 1,104.15 1104.15 USD
Mini LabRoller Dual Format Rotator from Labnet International
Speed Type Max Speed (RPM) Controls (Digital/Analog)
331.65 331.65 USD
Tube Rotator from Thermo Fisher Scientific
Speed Type Min Speed (RPM) Max Speed (RPM)
466.29 466.29 USD
467.78 467.78 USD
467.78 467.78 USD
577.97 577.97 USD
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