Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Analog and Digital large capacity orbital shakers that can accommodate sample loads ranging from 35 - 150 lbs and spin at variable speeds ranging from 15 - 500 RPM.

Lab.Equipment showcases robust and easy-to-operate heavy duty orbital shakers from Ohaus. Capable of handling sample loads ranging from 35 to 150 lbs, Ohaus heavy duty orbital shakers are recommended for use in a variety of applications such as immunoassays, cell cultures, solubility studies, blotting techniques, and more.

Ohaus heavy duty orbital shakers are presented in analog or digital options and utilize a microprocessor control to deliver variable speeds and consistent shaking motions. Designed to provide maximum operator safety and user-convenience, these Ohaus lab shakers are equipped with protective features such as the speed ramping function to regulate acceleration and deceleration speeds, a spill-resistant construction which prevents internal components from interacting with liquids being handled, as well as a built-in tray and non-slip rubber. It also features the Ohaus’ patented Accu-Drive shaking system to guarantee accuracy and enhanced speed control time after time.

Shop a range of Ohaus heavy duty orbital shakers from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect orbital shaker for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

SHHD1619AL Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
2,055.00 2,097.00 2097.0 USD
SHHD1619DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
2,499.00 2,124.15 2124.15 USD
SHHD2325AL Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
4,621.00 3,927.85 3927.85 USD
( 2 Ratings)
SHHD2325DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
4,896.00 4,161.60 4161.6 USD
SHHD4525DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
6,962.00 5,917.70 5917.7 USD
SHHD4550DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
7,191.00 6,112.35 6112.35 USD
SHHD6825DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
7,854.00 6,675.90 6675.9 USD
SHHD6850DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
8,742.00 7,430.70 7430.7 USD
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