Ohaus Incubating Rocking and Waving Shakers

Analog and Digital platform shakers that offer max load capacities ranging from 5 - 16 lbs and variable speed up to either 30 or 75 RPM.

Lab.Equipment brings in an advanced selection of open air shaking units featured in the Ohaus incubating rocking and waving shaker series. Ohaus rocking shaker models deliver a see-saw movement while waving shakers provide a smooth, 3D wave motion. Capable of performing favorably under a wide range of environmental conditions, these Ohaus shakers are available in highly-precise microprocessor controlled digital models.

Ohaus rocking and waving shakers are ideal for applications including mixing blood samples, DNA extractions, blotting techniques and more. All models feature an LED screen and a touchpad that allows users to easily set time, tilt-angle, and speed parameters. These models are also equipped with a timer that shows preset time and automatically turns off a unit when it reaches zero. These use independent control knobs to conveniently adjust procedural settings and deliver stable rocking motions. To ensure proper usage and operator safety, the rocking and waving shakers comes with a speed ramping feature which steadily increase speed to its intended value to prevent splashing. A variety of audible and visual signals also activate when obstruction or tray overload is detected by the system.

Shop a range of Ohaus incubating rocking and waving shakers from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect shaker for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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