Ohaus Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Analog and Digital orbital shakers that can accommodate up to 8 lbs of samples and operate at variable speed ranging from 40 - 1200 RPM.

Lab.Equipment presents microprocessor controlled open air shaking units from Ohaus' series of light duty orbital shakers. Recommended for applications including cell cultures, protein studies, DNA studies, and ELISA assays, these variable speed shakers deliver consistent and uniform shaking movements, ensuring stability in operations. These Ohaus orbital shakers can accommodate sample loads lighter than 8 lbs and can hold several microplates, flask clamps or microtube racks simultaneously depending on the model chosen.

Available in analog or digital types, Ohaus light duty orbital shakers incorporate safety and protective features into its construction. Analog units carefully increase operational speed until the desired setting to prevent sample splashing while digital models come with an overload protection signal to detect any obstructions and tray overload.

Ohaus light duty orbital shakers are also equipped with a triple eccentric drive and maintenance-free brushless motor for enhanced reliability in performance even when continuously running. Additionally, digital models enable users to view multiple settings at once with its highly-visible LED screen. On the other hand, analog units present speed and time parameters using dial markings imprinted on the shaker’s control knobs.

Shop a range of Ohaus light duty orbital shakers from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect orbital shaker for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

SHLD0415AL Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
1,055.00 896.75 896.75 USD
SHLDMP03DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
1,100.00 935.00 935.0 USD
SHLD0415DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
1,350.00 1,147.50 1147.5 USD
( 2 Ratings)
SHLD0403DG Orbital Shaker from Ohaus
1,400.00 1,190.00 1190.0 USD
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