Radwag AS 3Y Balances

AS 3Y Series ranges from 220g to 510g weighing capacity and a readability of 0.1mg.

Lab.Equipment showcases the Radwag AS 3Y series, one of the 3 AS analytical lab balances from Radwag's professional line of weighing products. Offering a state-of-the art design, the Radwag AS 3Y series is built with a large weighing chamber to accommodate various objects of different sizes, semi-automatic levelSENSING system for easy management of level state, and an advanced data saving system for data management of all measurement reports and archives.

The Radwag AS 3Y series offers internal calibration to guarantee stable operation and accuracy of results. Engineered with a powerful processor, the Radwag AS 3Y series makes way for fast determination of measurements, brings repeatability, and allows creation of user profiles for exceptional customization settings. Proving multifunctionality and reliability, the Radwag AS 3Y series presents useful functions including density determination, differential weighing, percent weighing, ambient conditions measurement, parts counting, and animal weighing to name a few. For improved workroom effiency and productivity, the USP compliant Radwag AS 3Y series is complete with a coloured touchscreen feature for quick access to different capabilities as well as an anti-draft shield for protection of the weighing chamber against harsh conditions. Numerous accessories are available for use with the Radwag AS 3Y series such as receipt and label printers, barcode scanners, automatic feeders, power adapters, and more.

Shop a range of Radwag AS 3Y lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

AS 220.3Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
3,295.00 2,635.92 2635.92 USD
( 1 Ratings)
AS 310.3Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
3,522.00 2,817.36 2817.36 USD
AS 510.3Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
5,342.00 4,273.92 4273.92 USD
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